Letters/E-Mails from Customers to Rossman Realty Group Team Members

Nov. 15th 2016



I have been a rental tenant of your cape coral office for over a year and a half and as of three weeks ago, purchased a home and vacated the property.

I believe totally in giving praise to those who work hard and deserve it, especially these days, when so many people seem to find it quick to complain. 

I would like to commend Lisa King and Brian McCabe, on providing stellar service. There were not too many issues with the home, but when they came up, Lisa and Brian were quick to take care of them.

Their response times to calls and emails were immediate and they always made sure I was satisfied. I will spread the word on how great they are and how awesome your company is! I appreciate everything they did while I was there.


Thank you



Nov. 2016

People are willing to complain quickly but not as quick to give compliments. I would like to inform you that Karelia and her sister Leslie have been awesome throughout my whole transaction of selling and buying a new home.
I have bought and sold many of homes. These two professionals made our transaction and our lives stress-free.
You are very fortunate to have such a professional committed team in these two young ladies.
I called them the tag team sisters. Between the two of them they didn't let me forget a trick. They kept me on my toes while being pleasant doing so. I do not know if you have an employee recognition program but I strongly recommend these two ladies be acknowledged at least verbally at your next meeting.
We struck gold with these two young ladies.

Best regards,
John & Lynda &
Dover & Bruno


Dec. 2014 - Via Facebook Post

Tina Kucera is a top notch realtor for Rossman Reality that actually cares about her clients. I for one cannot stand a pushy and money hungry realtor (as I have come across many). Although Tina had many clients, we felt as though we where her only ones! She was amazing with an upbeat and positive attitude throughout the entire journey. For anyone even considering selling or relocating to the Ft. Myers / Cape Coral area, Tina comes highly recommended. My husband and I could not be happier with her ongoing customer service (even days after the sale was complete) truly a gem of a person and an even better realtor!! Check her out!! You will not be disappointed!!!!

Dec 2014 - Via Facebook Post

Tom Collins made our purchase so easy and is very knowledgeable and sure gets things done. I will be sure to recommend him to anyone and never be embarrassed that he would not live up to the expectations I advertised.

Dec. 2014

Tina Kucera is a top-notch Realtor for Rossman Realty Group.  She actually cares about her clients. 

 I, for one, cannot stand a pushy and money-hungry Realtor (as I have come across many).  Although Tina was working with several clients at once, we felt as if we were her only ones She was amazing with an upbeat, positive attitude throughout the entire journey.  For anyone considering either relocating here (like us) to the Ft. Myers/Cape Coral area, or selling, Tina comes highly recommended.  My husband and I could not be happier with her on-going customer service--even after the sale was complete.  She is truly a gem of a person and an even better Realtor!  Check her out!!  You will not be disappointed.

--William & Nicole
Dec 2013    Review #7112986 "Amazing property!! "                                                                                 


Words can not express how much we enjoyed staying at this property. I live in the cape but wanted to do something special for my family who was flying into Florida for thanksgiving and this house felt like home. Our realtor carol was amazing. She truly made the whole process easy. I have never had such wonderful customer service. The home is nicely decorated with plenty of space for the whole family, the location couldn't be better with a grocery store right down the road. I will be booking this vacation home for years to come..   Marcel

August 2014

Dear Michelle and Dennis,

    I would like to highly commend both Julie Gorman and Susan Collins for their diligent work on our behalf concerning the anticipated short sales of two of our condos.  After twelve months of ups and downs in the process of dealing with the fickleness of mortgage companies, we were able to successfully short sell one of the condos and rent out the other one.  During this tumultuous process, Julie and Susan always kept us updated on all the details and were always available to answer all our concerns.  Thanks to their diligence, Citi Mortgage reversed their previous rejection and finally approved our sale.  We are very grateful to all of you for making this happen.  If there's any more I can do to sing your praises, just let me know.


Maureen and Al Nistal


March 2013

We really lucked out when our real estate agent, Tina Kucera, was recommended to us by friends who had just bought a house in Cape Coral with her help.

We lived in Kentucky at that time and hadn't ever been to Cape Coral. We communicated long distance for almost a year via e-mail and phone. Tina searched out listings that would meet all of our special requirements before we were able to come to the Cape. She helped us secure a rental for several months through Rossman Property Management so that we could get to know the area.

Tina was patient and sensitive to our many needs and with her guidance and professional expertise we were able to find just the right home.

She has gone beyond the usual boundaries of professional real estate agents and has continued to provide support in getting us set up with all the services we need and steering us in the right direction at every crossroad.

To sum up Tina's qualities as a real estate agent the following words come to mind: Patient, Persistent, and a gold standard Professional.

Marilyn & Jerry


April 2012

Thank you, Tina (Kucera) for an amazingly quick (4 days) sale of our home!! This was due to your expertise in listing our property at a price point that was comparable and attractive to buyers. This also was evident with five showings within a four day period, and two offers on the fourth day!!

We are so appreciative of the time and patience you took with us in guiding us through the listing process. We were also extremely impressed with your knowledge. Of course, your “orchid staging” and “Fabuloso secret” will always bring a smile to our faces.

Accolades for a job well done.


Tom & Marlene Haley


March 2012

My 86 year old Mother didn't want to move out of her home of 32 years, but due to concerns about her ability to stay in an area that was a considerable driving distance to friends, shopping and church, reluctantly she agreed to pursue the selling of her home and purchase another close to where her Life centered. Well this where Rossman Realty's "Super Agent,"Tina Kucera came in! With her compassion for the situation and professional expertise, each component of the process went smoothly and we were able to sell her home and purchase her new home in a very timely fashion. I know we could not have done it without Tina and her ever present reassurances and communication about the progress. My Mother is now settled in her new life and the best complement is that she has said, " I have no regrets!" and that Tina come by for coffee anytime!

If someone you know or Love needs to make a change in their life and wants a smooth transition, Tina is the person to make it happen!

With deep gratitude,

Andrea Grande

February 2012

Dear Jenny,


Greg and I are both so pleased with the speed and efficiency of you and Rossman.  I was gone this am but Greg was here and he said people were coming and going all morning - pool guys, lawn people.  Both apologized and said it wouldn't happen again (think you're a big customer they'd hate to lose).  I hope things work out so we can continue to work with you in the future.  I know it's hard with our dogs, but I couldn't live without their company; I'd rather stay home than be without them.  Thanks again for everything.  Want me to send a complimentary e-mail to your boss - he probably already knows how thorough you are.
By the way, the pool situation last year was 100 times worse.  We were adding water every other day, here we've only done it once!

Sept 2011

Dear Kathy,
I have never written a letter of recommendation before but I would like to write one for you. We started looking for a home in the early part of 2009 and was on the brink of just giving up. We went through four realtors and finally you were our fifth and our last. You were the only one that was totally up front with us even if it hurt you making a sale. You stuck by us even when we were ready to give up, in fact we did give up and you gave us a little room and then you got with us again. What can I say that will make you understand how much you were and are appreciated. If not for you my "now" very special friend we would still be looking. We are now the owners of the most beautiful home at the price we could afford and the location we wanted. Thank you Kathy. You are a great person and a very knowledgeable realtor. Without you I would still be in Missouri. Once more thank you.

All of our Thanks,
Paul and Mary Gelling

August 2011

It is with great pleasure that we write this testimonial for Tina Kucera of Rossman Realty.  We were introduced to Tina through mutual friends, and we couldn´t have asked for a better real estate agent.  Tina is extremely knowledgeable of the market in Cape Coral, Florida and helped us through every step of the buying process.  We began working with Tina in August of 2010.  We spoke initially on the phone since we live in the Chicago-area and she took the time to get to know us as people, rather than just buyers.  She was frank and honest about the market and made sure that she understood exactly what we were looking for in a home.  She has many online tools that makes buying a home long-distance so much easier!!  By the time we found our perfect home, she could have found it on her own for us she knew us so well!  We went to Cape Coral four times before all the stars aligned and we found our home, and each time she was as welcoming as the first.  She never rushed us to settle for a home that was less than exactly what we wanted.  It took us a year, but we finally found it!!!  And, it wasn´t just the looking process, but the buying process that continued to impress us about Tina.  She has contacts in the real estate world that is far beyond agents.  She has appraisers, inspectors, insurance agents3;all of whom are necessary to make this process easier for the buyer.  Her inspector saved us thousands of dollars with an extensive inspection and with Tina´s help were able to get out of the contract. Tina´s organizational skills, people skills and knowledge make her the best agent we have ever worked with when buying a home.  You can´t go wrong with choosing her!!!  She was not only our agent, but we now consider her our friend!! 

Phil and Linda Manes


EMAIL dated May 23rd 2011

Hi Dennis,

I would like to thank you and your staff for the sale of my property at 1917/1919 NE 17th Ter. The process was speedy and transparent from beginning to the end. I also would like to mention MJ in your rental department. She was great to work with, by timely updates and analyzing repair damage cost caused by the former tenant. She saved me lots of money and reduced my stress level from long distance by being honest and professional. I have 3 other property managers working for me right now. I can assure you she would be running my properties in Cape Coral if I had any more there. Once again thank you and I look forward to recommending your services to anyone that is looking to buy or have their property managed.

Alex Soltani


April 2011

Hey Carolyn, we made it home safe & sound.  Thank you so much for

taking care of all our needs.  You've got such a warm and charismatic

personality, it was a pleasure.


We MIGHT be planning another trip this fall, if you could give me your

personal website again I can check out the houses.


Till then, take care!  All the best!  Marlene B


November 2010


Thank you Tina Kucera for all that you've done for us. When one talks of going above and over the call of duty you exemplified that with us.

   You came highly recommended from Pam and Terry (they love their new home that you were so involved in helping them find and secure).  They are good friends and therefore very trusted. They were right in directing us to you. We thank them for that.

   Your knowledge of Cape Coral real estate is beyond comparison. Your patience with our ever changing direction was greatly appreciated. The website/portal you set up for us was so helpful for  us in looking thru the homes available and learning more about different parts of the Cape.  As well as deciding on the part of town we wanted to settle. We love being close to the harbor and in the Pelican area.

    You made the whole process exciting. The trust established was of great importance. Even though we had been to the Cape, we knew it was possible that the home we would select would be one where a contract would be made before we would see the house in person.  Buying a house unseen takes a lot of trust. Because of our constant dialogue you were able to know just what we were looking for and our trust in you was tantamount in making our decision. Thank you again, we were right to place our trust in you and your expertise. Again.. we love our home.

  But you didn't stop after we closed. No, after our disastrous event here, you put us in contact with all the original contractors to get us back up and running as quick as possible. Your help thru all of that was beyond anything that could have been expected. You truly are a great representative for Cape Coral and real estate agents everywhere.

   Now we are happy to call you a FRIEND too.


Thank you, Lisanne and Joe


August 21, 2010

Hi Caroline Dunn,

I personally would like to say you are very good at what you do and I want to say

many, many, many thanks for your hard work, dedication, and trustworthiness.


I won't be hesitant in recommending you to other home seekers here in NY.


May God bless you and everything you do.


Again, many thanks for everything!




To: Property Management - Ref: Jenny Gonring
April 30th 2010

We have owned homes there in Cape Coral since 2004. We tried 3 property mgrs in the first couple of years.  Rossman Property Mmgt being one.  We were So confused and unsure of it all at that time too.  We had multiple properties so we decided to use one each on each property and see what the difference between service was in a year's time.

Hands down, Rossman won over.  By a HUGE margin.  We have since handed over to them all our properties.  At one time they were managing 14 of ours.  Unfortunately, this banking crisis has hit my husband and me very hard.  We are in the building trades ourselves, own a concrete construction business.  Our business of  30 yrs came close to shutting it's doors last year.  We have not been generating the income we knew by a long stretch and have had to let go of many properties.

So to start with......Rossman is a 10 star in my history book of working with them.  They are very good at reference checking, placing the right people in a home, and getting it rented fast.  They keep an eye on the property, reacted quickly and with good judgment on issues that may arise, and always available to talk to.  Email is a great way to communicate with them too.

We have met them personally, and visit them when we are able to get back there.  We met Dennis Rossman too.  The owner/broker of the company.  The sales department is great too.
They are superb team and crew that work together So well. 

Back to our downsizing and having to short sell homes there, our realtor on the sales side, Michelle Moberly (in case you ever need another realtor, she's tops), and the staff on the mgmt side have been excellent in working on OUR behalf as well as making sure our tenants are treated properly too.  Very professional and personable. Another statement to the type of business they run. 

10 stars!  That's my vote.

They assign managers to different ares of the cape.  Different quadrants...like SW, NW, SE, NE.   Julia Shultz has been our's through most of the years.  She is great. Not sure where your property is. 

However, strong word of advice in any mgmt situation.  You still have to be active to a certain degree and check in yourself and ask questions...manage your manager.  Let them know what you need too.  I've made the mistake with other companies elsewhere in not checking in when I haven't heard from them in months.  And then find they were not doing their job, i.e., checking on the property.   It's as easy as an email from time to time once you get it all set up.

Jenny is in accounting. Didn't realize she was a manager too.   And she is always there to respond to any billing matters and will be a great backup to finding out answers to questions if your manager is unable to respond quick enough.

I hope this helps settle your concerns on who to work with. 
I wish you many years of success.

Take care,
Jeri Griffin


To: Caroline Dunn
Ref: sale of our dads Home
December 2009

Thanks to you Caroline for doing your job well and locating a buyer before the end of this year.
This comes under the wire to allow me to file my father's 2009 tax return and include the sale
of his property on his final tax return.

I have enjoyed communicating with you whether it be with emails or chatting on the phone.
You have been very diligent and timely with your follow-up responses.


To Dennis Rossman - Ref: James Sommers
April 6, 2009
From David & Awilda Hyden

Mr. Rossman,
We wish to inform you how pleased we are with your agent, James Sommers. We live in Virginia and were interested in buying a foreclosure in the Fort Myers area. We contacted James by phone and he quickly set up our client portal.
We scheduled time with James and flew down to look at homes with him. I must say he is the most proffessional and personable Realtor we have met. We quickly looked at 16 houses and put in 4 offers that day.
James made the process so relaxed and easy for us. He is also an excellent communicator.
He handled our inspection on the home and assisted us in getting homeowners insurance.
I highly recommend Rossman Realty and James Sommers to everyone I think would be interested in Fort Myers area real estate.
We have been kept up to date on our closing process. We close on our home this Thursday.

Thank you
David & Awilda Hayden
To Rossman Realty Property Management

   By Jeri and Craig Griffin

        Half Moon Bay, CA      

        February 19, 2008


We love Rossman Realty!  In its entirety!  And without a doubt the Property Management division is the best company we've had the pleasure to work with.  We highly recommend them and spread the good word about this company every chance we get.  


We own multiple rental properties within three different states and have worked with many property managers now in the last five years in setting up our accounts and finding good care of our investment properties.  


Our experience with Rossman has been nothing short of phenomenal, professional, trustworthy, and dedicated.  Their due diligence is unsurpassed.  We have been working with them for a number of years now, with the care of our dozen properties in the Cape Coral area in their hands.  Their service has been unmatched.  They always go the extra mile for us in dealing with the tenant concerns and problems at hand when they arise.  Definitely our comfort zone in this business of residential rental properties.


We also have had the great privilege to personally meet this wonderful group and experienced the pleasure of seeing how close of a team they are and what a pleasant environment they create.  They are very personable and are so easy to reach when in need to talk to someone.


Rossman Realty Property Management takes all the worry away and allows us to get a good nights sleep.


Thank you so much, Rossman Property Managment!

Hope to see you all again someday.


Jeri and Craig Griffin

  To: Rossman Property Management:
  From: Beth Phillips
  May, 2007

  Thank you all very much for the work you do. You're the best property  
  management company I have ever worked with!

   To: Rossman Realty Group
   From: John and Ann Davison
   August 14, 2006

 I am finally getting around to writing you a thank you letter for selling our house.   We couldnt have asked for a better deal: you listed the house immediately,  showed it soon thereafter, received two offers, accepted an offer for an amount
greater than the asking price, and then closed the whole thing in about 5 weeks!  Wow!  I know we are impressed!  Especially after we had another Cape Coral  property listed for almost 9 months and didnt get a single qualified-buyer offer.


You and your staff handled the entire procedure in a competent manner.  Julie and I had several conversations while the buyer was in the process of qualifying.  Julie kept me informed (and calm).


Ann and I have three other rentals in Cape Coral; When and if we decide to sell them, Ill contact you again;Ann and I would want to use you again because you did such a fine job on this first property.


Please pass along our thanks and best wishes to all the folks at Rossman Realty who assisted us in selling our property.


 To: Rossman Property Management Division
 From: Brian Hackley & Wendy Carter
 April 12th 2004

Since early 2004, we have been working with Rossman Realty Groups Property Management Division. Rossman is providing us with complete property management services for annual leases for our 5 Single Family Investment Homes, as we are out-of-state investors. These services are provided at a discount to market as is typical of the Marshall Reddick program.

We were introduced through the local Marshall Reddick team, Will Morin and Bill Dacey, who forwarded our property information to Rossman Realty. They contacted us with a mailing consisting of a detailed listing of all services provided, and the processes involved in managing tenants, property and accounting. Shortly thereafter, they called to introduce themselves, to find out our intentions and goals, and to answer our myriad of questions.

Being new investors, this phone conversation and written materials bolstered our confidence. As a result, we agreed to review contracts to provide Property Management and Annual Leasing Services. The contracts were straightforward and understandable to us. So now we were ready to close, and hopefully have some tenants!

Shortly thereafter, we received a call that tenants had been identified for our first property, well in advance of closing. And since then, the Rossman Team has been able to find tenants on a very timely basis, which we are extremely pleased about!

Of course, no new home comes without anything that needs to be fixed right away. The Property Management team has conducted walk-throughs with our builder, and has advocated on our behalf to get the punch list completed, with very little involvement on our part.

Unfortunately, our very first home had a big problem appear shortly after the tenant moved in. Instead of receiving panic phone calls from tenants or a "super', we were advised of the issue and the builder's progress in resolving it. This quality level of customer service is extremely important to our-of-state investors such as us! Fortunately our other homes have not had those kinds of issues, but if they did, we are confident that the Rossman Team will take care of them!

Recently we visited Cape Coral and Lehigh Acres to see our properties and to visit with all the members of the Rossman Property Management Team. Wendy and I were both impressed with their professionalism, confidence, service, and attention to detail. We are glad to have a great property manager with the team at Rossmans Property Management Group and highly recommend their services to other investors!

To: Dennis Rossman + Susan Collins
From: Mrs. Joyce Sudis

Dear Dennis and Susan,
I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how grateful I am for all that was done in the selling of my house in Cape Coral.

Your team is 'TOPS"! Everyone worked so great together in the marketing of my house. You may be sure that I have and will continue to recommend your group. 

Thank you again, It was a real pleasure to work with all of you.

Cordially, Joyce Sudis

To: Dennis Rossman
From: Richard L Goebel; E.M.G. Properties

We just received your letter announcing the formation of the new company. We wanted to drop you a note to say congratulations on your new adventure. We also wanted to say, "thank you" for all your help and service over the past three years. You have been a big part of all the success that we are having in our real estate business. Your honesty and professionalism have made doing business in Florida a pleasure.

Congratulations on your new company and all it's "operating divisions". I am sure that, just as you have done in the past, you are going to build a very large and successful organization. Of course, if we know anyone doing business in that area, we will certainly tell them that they need to call you for the best in service.

Thanks again for all your work on our behalf and congratulations again, we know your new endeavor will be a great sucfess.

Best regards,
Richard L. Goebel, Vice President, E.M.G. Properties


To: Tom Beezley
From Jonnay & Donna Lawrence

February 6th 2004
Dear Tom,
Thank you so much for all your helpful input, we needed it! Not only with putting together the deal here in Cape Coral but also with the closing of our house in Pompano and the after closing visit to help with the pool and the garage door opener and TV situation.  Thank you so much for the brand new washer and dryer too! They work great. God Bless, Donna Lawrence

Thank you, Tom, for all your patience in putting together our deal on our new house. I know it wasn't the easiest deal to do, but you were very helpful in keeping it alive. You were very helpful in keeping it alive. You were very instrumental in making a dream come true for both Donna and I. We wanted a home on Deep water, sail boat access, double car garage and close to the yacht club. The pool was a bonus. Thanks again.  Jonnay Lawrence

To: Dennis Rossman

Re: Barron Wheeler

From: Daren Doogarsingh


October 7th 2003

Dear Dennis,

I just wanted to write a quick note to commend Barron Wheeler on a job well done. During the whole transaction from searching for a home to closing, he paid attention to my needs and was very through and courteous. The entire process was a pleasurable buying experience. Thank you for having such a talented professional on your team



To: Barron Wheeler

From: Wanda & Richard Heit



Thank you so much for the gift basket at our closing. It was very thoughtful of you. It has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for all the little things you did for us.

Wanda and Richard Heit


To: Rossman Realty Group
From: Kirsten Fuller

February 28th 2004

Dear Property Management Team,

Thank you for the call about my house renting. I am really impressed with the way you listed both properties? Your web site is great! Sincerely, Kirsten Fuller